KCI Kimco Tiller and Mower Division


The Kimco 9300In-Row Vineyard & Orchard Tiller


Standard Features

  • 42 Gal. Hyd. Oil Reservoir
  • 20 GPM PTO Pump
  • Relief Valve
  • Filter
  • Quick Disconnects


New Design Features

  • Considerably Faster
  • More Accurate
  • Easier To Operate
  • Automatic Controls/Manual Override
  • Head Floats Over Hidden Obstacles
  • Head can be held rigid by inserting 1 pin
  • Head is Reversible
  • New Head Uses Inexpensive Blades
  • New Head Leaves Ground Smooth
  • Can be used in 6' Rows with appropriate tractor


Standard Head withHardfaced Heavy Duty Blades

- 17" or 21" Diameter

- Low Cost Replacement Blades

- High Speed Operation

- Leaves Ground Smooth


Double or Single Mount





Automatic Operation

The tiller mechanism automatically swings out of the way of vines and trunks at the command of a reliable, hydraulically operated trip bar. This eliminates the shock of in-out operation of some other tillers makes and the troublesome maintenance and mysteries of an electric switch. Smooth hydraulic operation also allows for faster tractor speeds.


Kimco mounts onto the front or the side.  It's always in view of the driver for control and maneuverability.

Side mount tills eight-foot rows and up. Front mount operates in rows as narrow as six feet.







Manual Trip Override provides complete control in operators hand

Model M-9700 In-Row-Mower


The Kimco M-9700 in row mower in place.

See the difference it makes in the field

The Kimco in row mower cuts weeds and grasses under vines in the row in the same area that would be cultivated with the Kimco in row tiller.

It can be used to mechanically control weeds in steep hills or in other areas where the use of chemicals or cultivation is less desirable. The mower cuts within approximately 1 1/2" of the vine. It can cut weeds and grasses of any height. The force to bend the weeds over slightly before cutting is provided by an air cylinder in which the pressure can be adjusted.

The head rolls around the vine cutting essentially the same distance from the vine as it rolls. It attaches to the same tractor mount and hooks to the quick disconnects for power as does the Kimco in row tillers.

Kimco Model 9700T is now available as a stand alone unit and is the same as the 9700 except that it will operate off tractor hydraulics.