Olive, Berry & Pomegranate Division

Olive Trimmer

Saw Pruner


With the 7500 Series OLIVE TRIMMER. Specially designed sickle teeth and gather bars collects more branches at quicker travel speeds.

Can be used for:
• Skirting
• Hedging
• Topping
• Or combination

Features include:
• Hydraulic up & down
• Hydraulic in & out
• Bar swing backs
• Trimmer can run off tractor hydraulic system or optional auxiliary PTO pump
• Optional electric over hydraulic systems for cab tractors

Berry Trimmer

• Single or Double Front Mount
• Completely Adjustable
• 7500 Series Sickle Bar
• Hydraulic Adjustments up and down
• Fits most small sizes of tractors
• Runs off tractor remotes
• Manual or Hydraulic - In and Out


KCM 5-8-12

Single side berry trimmer, 7500 series sickle bar with articulating arm

Double Saw Cutter

KCI Berry Hi Speed Topper Hedger