KC1820 Adjustable Orchard Crowder

The KCI ORCHARD CROWDER contours each row like a well made road, with a crown in the center sloping off to the berms on each side. This directs irrigation water to the sides of each row and requires far less maintenance than a furrowed system. The KCI CROWDER’S curved blades roll the dirt to the center of the row where the 60” flattening plate levels it off. In ONE pass through your orchard you’ll get:

More efficient water application
A 60” wide elevated center
An easier to maintain cover crop
You will be able to irrigate more easily through harvest

The KCI ORCHARD CROWDER is built for durability and is fully adjustable from 16’ to 20’ rows. KCI also offers a VINEYARD CROWDER and the ORCHARD BRUSH RAKE.

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