Vegetable Division

KCI manufactures equipment with the utmost quality and pride and incorporates the latest technology in all of the vegetable harvesters we build. From our 3-point bulk loaders to our self propelled bulk or pack units to our tractor pull type pack harvesters.

All KCI harvesting units are built to last in any field condition and are designed to fit your specifications, no two units are always the same. KCI engineering staff can design a harvester to fit your field and your product. We use up-to-date and easy to obtain hydraulics, electronics, and power drive components to help keep your harvesters running when you need them the most. Our quality of craftsmanship and ease of operation is the key to the efficiency and long life of our harvesters.

For more information on how the KCI harvesting line can save you time and money contact KCI owners, Clint Erling or Allen Scheidt today!

Vegetable Division Equipments

KCFP2470 Self-Propelled Field Pack Harvest Machine KCT14826 Tractor Pull Field Pack Harvest Machine


KCP3P2440 3-Point Bulk Loader KC3P 243618 General Purpose 3 point belt loader