Vineyard Division

KCI or Kingsburg Cultivator Inc., started in the vineyard manufacturing business over 45 years ago. Story has it they took a lawn mower head, cut away the shroud to expose the blade with an old Briggs & Stratton engine mounted to a 8N tractor, thus introducing the first front mount cane cutter. From that point on, KCI has been the leader in innovation and the newest technology. We are the only company that gives the customer the choice of 7 different cutting head configurations and over 20 different tractor and harvester mounting brackets. We use the latest in hydraulic and electrical components to make our equipment extremely user friendly.

KCI also uses this technology in the design of our berm sweeps, leafers, berm mowers and all KCI equipment. All our equipment is easy to use, easy to mount, and designed to save the growers and vineyard managers time and money.

Contact Clint Erling or Allen Scheidt, owners of KCI for more information.

Vineyard Division Equipments

Cane Cutter Head Models Front Mount Open Gable Vine Cutter
  Independent Up & Down Frame
  7500 Series King Cut Sickle Bar


Mounting Bracket Assemblies Berm Sweep
Leaf Removal System Front Mount Open Gable Vine Cutter
Heavy Duty Skirter Harvester Mount Pre-prunners
Independent Up and Down Frame Continuous Rainsin Tray Layer Machine
Continuous Tray Layer KCM612G Gable Spreader
KCM5-8-12 Tandum Axle